Professional establishment of spindle repair stations for clients

A “sound self-owned Spindle Repair Station” has become one of the necessary features of large machining enterprises. If you have more than 100 drilling/dragging machines or more than 500 sets of processing equipment for CNC milling/processing centers, you as a large manufacturer must build your own "Spindle Repair Station" so as to effectively control the quality and costs of product processing procedures and ensure the optimal solutions to maintain regular production.

Advantages of Station Establishment

  • Enhance skills of your personnel

    The spindle manufacturers will provide the theoretical and practical training contents to strengthen the maintenance personnel's skills in spindle

  • Improve the processing quality

    The trained professional maintenance personnel will conduct real-time monitoring on product processing procedures by dedicated tools, so as to prevent and rectify abnormality, ensure the quality of product processing and increase the equipment utilization ratio by 5%-10% at least

  • High timeliness

    Master the flexible repair schedule and get free from the influence of original manufacturers

  • Reduce the maintenance costs

    Save the repair expenses of original vendors and remove the original unreasonable charges. The overall repair expenses for spindles is decreased by 15%-35%

  • Reduce the damage ratio of spindles

    Accurately master the cause of damaged spindles and suggest on-site corrections to further enhance the utilization rate and reduce repair rate

We will sincerely customize a detailed scheme for your needs of station construction

As a professional manufacturer of electrical main shafts, "Guangzhou Haozhi Industrial Co., Ltd." not only has the powerful system of R&D, manufacturing, marketing and after-sales, but also provides the full set of professional and excellent services such as on-site assessment, proposal formulation, equipment selection & procurement, personnel training, later-stage maintenance, and so forth.

Enable you to really possess and manage your own repair studio of spindles.

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