Guangzhou Haozhi Industrial Co., LTD.

Guangzhou Haozhi Industrial Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Haozhi Industrial") is an environmental-friendly high-tech enterprise, which specializes in core functional component R&D designing, manufacturing, sales and repairing high precision electro-spindle and its spare parts. We are a GEM listed company with stock code 300503.

Haozhi is continuously developing and optimizing its products. The Haozhi product range serves a wide range of sectors, processes and applications. Four business units in Haozhi: core components of machining tool, robot ,high speed fan and linear motor. Close cooperation with our customers remains our key focus. The extensive product range, from high speed motorized spindle(ball bearing spindles and air bearing spindles ), belt-drive spindle, direct-drive spindles, rotary tables, harmonic reducers enables Haozhi to implement customized solutions with speed and flexibility.

Core spiritual culture

Vision: To become acompany designing and manufacturing core functional components for the world’stop-level machines.

Mission: Keep workinghard to promote global equipment manufacturing and improve good experience ofhuman beings.

Core value: Toprovide customers with ultra values, create best values for shareholders,achieve self-value of employees and add value to the society.

Development strategy:To base on independent technological innovation and serve global advancedmanufacturing.

  • 100

    Involving more than 100 kinds of product models

  • 300

    R & D personnel with nearly 300 people

  • 700

    With nearly 700 patents granted

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