Product Series:Lathe spindle

Product Number:DGZC-31005/11-WVS

This product is a kind of heavy-load lathe spindle,whose max. speed could reach 5000 rpm. With A2-6 nose,with a box structure,this product is fitted with 11/15 kW double-winding asynchronous generator and the rated low-speed torsion could reach 190 Nm and the max. torsion of 732 Nm.It can be configured with 8” and 10” chuck and oil cylinder,and it used for finish turning and heavy cutting of steel parts, casting and nonferrous metals as well as installation of Type 52 CNC lathe and turning-milling composite machine tool.

As a kind of high precision lathe motorized spindle that could satisfy the requirements of heavy cutting. It is mainly applied to such fields as motor, aerospace, hardware, etc.

1. Application of high-performance heavy load bearing:

The rigidity is ≥800N/μm through optimizing bearing application, making it applicable to 5mm heavy cutting of stainless steel. The processing efficiency is also high.

2. High-performance double-winding asynchronous generator:

Rated power: Low speed: 11KW High speed: 15KW

Rated torque: Low speed:190Nm High speed: 143Nm

Max. speed: 5000 rpm

Max. torque: 732Nm

3.Diverse configuration:

Voltage and encoder could be chosen based on the specific demands.

Motor   type3-phase AC   double-winding asynchronous generator 
Max. speed   (rpm)5000
Max. current   (A)Low speed: 90A  High speed: 122.5A
Max. torque   (Nm)Low speed: 535Nm  High speed: 732Nm 
Rated voltage   (V)350
Rated power   (S1/100%) (kW)Low speed: 11KW  High speed: 15KW
Rated   torque  (S1/100%) (Nm)Low speed:190Nm  High speed:143Nm 
Balancing   gradeG0.4
Lubrication   form Oil grease
Nose formA2-6
Taper of bore   hole1:4
Cone run-out   (mm)≤0.003
Front face   run-out (mm)≤0.003
Run-out of   standard bar at 300mm≤0.01
Bearing   model NN3024+2x120B+N1019
through-hole   diameter (mm)φ77
Encoder Encoder of Mitsubishi
Weight (kg)415.43
Installation   formHorizontal   installation
Applicable CNC   system:Mitsubishi.



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